Inca Dove

(Columbina inca)

Photo © David Sarkozi 1994
Last updated 3/23/96
This small dove is becoming more common on the UTC (probably due to feeder's I've read). It's now the most common small dove on the UTC. Its usually found near human habitation.

Inca Doves are small gray doves with a strong "scaled" pattern. The wings flash rufous when it flys. The tail is longer and more square than the Common Ground-Dove. The tail is edged in white (the Common Ground-Dove has a short, stubby tail with white corners).

Look for Inca Dove around humans. Its common in Houston Parks (I've counted up to 20 at my feeders). Look for it in the field at Brazos Bend State Park and High Island, and White Memorial Park

A breeding range map is available form the Breeding Bird Survey
A winter range map is available from the Christmas Bird Count

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