The Great Texas Birding Guide

Welcome! Visting Texas and want to know where to go? This is the site for you. Really this isn't a website, but a gateway to Texas Websites. This is not the work of one person but dozens. This map is your guide to those websites that host area birding guides. When visting these websites be sure to look around. These authors have put lots of work into their sites and have more than "where to go" information to offer. Other useful information you can get to from here is an e-mail directory of Texas birders, The latest Texas RBA, and a collection of almost every known website about Texas birds.

If you know of a birding guide I have missed or would like help in developing a guide to your area I can help you get it online, either hosting it here or helping you find a server to host it on. There are some really big holes in this map and I would love to help get them filled. I would really like to get guides online to Big Bend National Park, the High Plains, East Texas, and more of the Border area. If you can write it I can get it one line. Please drop me, David Sarkozi a note.

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