A Seasonal Checklist of the Birds of Sea Rim State Park, Texas

February 12, 1996

This document is derived from the checklist for the park published by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. It does include some areas outside the park.

Questions or comments to: David Sarkozi. Back to the Bird of the Upper Texas Coast.

Season Codes are: Sp = Spring (March, Aprl, May); S = Summer (June, July, August); F = Fall (September, October, November); W = Winter (December, January, February);

Abundance Code are: R = rare, not expected every year; O = occassional, only one or two reported per season; U = uncommon, present but might not be found on every outing; C = common, should be possible to find on most outings; A = abundant, impossible to miss;

Species                           Sp    S    F    W
Common Loon                                       U
Red-throated Loon                                 R
Pied-billed Grebe                  C    A    C    C
Horned Gerbe                                      O
Earned Grebe                       C         C    C
American White Pelican             C         C    A
Brown Pelican                      R
Double-crested Cormorant           C         C    C
Neotropic Cormorant                U    U    U    O
Anhinga                                      U    O
Magnificent Frigatebird            O         O
American Bittern                   C    C    C    C
Least Bittern                      C    C    C
Great Blue Heron                   C    C    C    C
Great Egret                        C    C    C    C
Snowy Egret                        C    C    C    C
Little Blue Heron                  U    U    U    U
Tricolored Heron                   C    C    C    C
Reddish Egret                      U    U    U
Cattle Egret                       A    A    A    O
Green-backed Heron                 C    C    U    R
Black-crowned Night-Heron          C    C    C    C
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron         U    U    U    U
White Ibis                         O    C    O    O
White-faced Ibis                   C         O    O
Roseate Spoonbill                  O    O    O    U
Wood Stork                              U    U
Fulvous Whistling-Duck             R    R    R
Greater White-fronted Goose        O         C    C
Snow Goose                         O         C    A
Canada Goose                       O         O    O
Wood Duck                                    R    R
Green-winged Teal                  O         A    A
American Black Duck                R         R    R
Mottled Duck                       C    C    C    C
Mallard                            O         O    O
Northern Pintail                   O         C    C
Blue-winged Teal                   O         C    C
Cinnamon Teal                                     O
Northern Shoveler                  O         C    C
Gadwall                            O         C    C
American Wigeon                    O         C    C
Canvasback                         O         C    C
Redhead                            O         O    O
Ring-necked Duck                   O         U    U
Greater Scaup                                R    R
Lesser Scaup                       C         C    A
Oldsquaw                                          R
Black Scoter                                      R
Surf Scoter                                       R
Common Goldeneye                             R    R
Bufflehead                                   R    R
Hooded Merganser                             R    R
Common Merganser                                  R
Red-breasted Merganser                       O    O
Ruddy Duck                         O         C    U
Black Vulture                      U    U    U    U
Turkey Vulture                     O    O    O    O
Osprey                             R         R
American Swallow-tailed Kite       R
Black-shouldered Kite                        R    R
Mississippi Kite                   O         O
Bald Eagle                                        R
Northern Harrier                   U    U    U    C
Sharp-shinned Hawk                 O         O
Cooper's Hawk                      O         O
Red-shouldered Hawk                O    O    O    O
Broad-winged Hawk                  U         C
Swainson's Hawk                    U         U
Red-tailed Hawk                              C    C
Rough-legged Hawk                            R    R
Crested Caracara                                  R
American Kestrel                             C    C
Merlin                             R         R
Peregrine Falcon                   R         R
Northern Bobwhite                  U    U    U    U
Yellow Rail                        R         R    R
Black Rail                         R         R    R
Clapper Rail                       C    C    C    C
King Rail                          O    O    O    O
Virginia Rail                      U    U    C    C
Sora                               C         C    C
Purple Gallinule                   U    U    U
Common Moorhen                     A    A    C    U
American Coot                      C    O    A    A
Sandhill Crane                                    R
Black-bellied Plover               C         C    C
Lesser Golden-Plover               O         R
Snowy Plover                       C    U    U    C
Wilson's Plover                    U    U
Semipalmated Plover                U         U    U
Piping Plover                      C    U    U    C
Killdeer                           C    C    C    C
American Oystercatcher             R    R    R    R
Black-necked Stilt                 C    C    C    R
American Avocet                    O         C    O
Greater Yellowlegs                 C         C    O
Lesser Yellowlegs                  C         C    O
Solitary Sandpiper                 U         U
Willet                             C    C    C    C
Spotted Sandpiper                  C         C    U
Upland Sandpiper                   O         O
Whimbrel                           U         R
Long-billed Curlew                 C         C    C
Hudsonian Godwit                   U
Marbled Godwit                     O         O    U
Ruddy Turnstone                    O         O    O
Red Knot                           O         O
Sanderling                         O    C    O    O
Semipalmated Sandpiper             A         A    C
Western Sandpiper                  C         C    O
Least Sandpiper                    C         C    U
White-rumped Sandpiper             U
Baird's Sandpiper                  U         U
Pectoral Sandpiper                 C         C
Dunlin                             C         C    U
Stilt Sandpiper                    C         C
Buff-breasted Sandpiper            O         O
Short-billed Dowitcher             U         U    U
Long-billed Dowitcher              C         C    O
Common Snipe                       C         C    C
American Woodcock                                 R
Wilson's Phalarope                 C         C
Laughing Gull                      C    C    C    O
Franklin's Gull                              O
Bonaparte's Gull                             U    U
Ring-billed Gull                   C         C    C
Herring Gull                       C         U    C
Gull-billed Tern                   O    O    O    U
Caspian Tern                       U    U    U    U
Royal Tern                         C    C    C    C
Sandwich Tern                           O
Common Tern                        O         O    R
Forster's Tern                     C    C    C    C
Least Tern                         A    A
Black Tern                         C         C
Black Skimmer                      C    C    R    R
Rock Dove                                    R
White-winged Dove                            R
Morning Dove                       U    U    U    U
Common Ground-Dove                           R
Black-billed Cuckoo                U    R
Yellow-billed Cuckoo               U    O
Groove-billed Ani                  R         R    R
Barn Owl                           U    U    U    U
Eastern Screech-Owl                R    R    R    R
Great Horned Owl                   U    U    U    U
Barred Owl                         U    U    U    U
Short-eared Owl                              U    U
Common Nighthawk                   C    C
Chuck-will's-widow                 O         O
Whip-poor-will                     U         U
Chimney Swift                      R         R
Ruby-throated Hummingbird          U         U
Belted Kingfisher                  C    U    C    U
Northern Flicker                   U              U
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker           O         U    U
Olive-sided Flycatcher             R         U
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher          U         U
Acadian Flycatcher                 U         U
Willow Flycatcher                  O         R
Least Flycatcher                   R
Eastern Wood Pewee                 U         U
Eastern Phoebe                               C    O
Vermillion Flycatcher              R         R
Great Crested Flycatcher           U         U
Western Kingbird                   O         O
Eastern Kingbird                   C    U    C
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher          O    U    O
Horned Lark                        O    U    O    O
Purple Martin                      U    U
Tree Swallow                       A         A
Northern Rough-winged Swallow      A         A
Bank Swallow                       C         C
Cliff Swallow                      C         C
Barn Swallow                       A         A
Blue Jay                                     U
American Crow                                     R
Fish Crow                                         R
Carolina Wren                      O    O    O    R
House Wren                                   U
Winter Wren                                  R    R
Sedge Wren                         A         A    A
Marsh Wren                         U    U    U    U
Golden-crowned Kinglet             R         O    R
Ruby-crowned Kinglet                         U    O
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher              C         U    U
Veery                              O         O
Gray-cheeked Thrush                U         U
Swainson's Thrush                  U         U
Hermit Thrush                                O    O
Wood Thrush                        U         U
American Robin                     O    O    O    O
Gray Catbird                       U         U
Northern Mockingbird               U    U    U
American Pipit                     U         O    O
Sprague's Pipit                              R    R
Loggerhead Shrike                  C    U    C    C
European Starling                  C    U    C    C
White-eyed Vireo                   U    R    U    R
Solitary Vireo                               O    O
Yellow-throated Vireo              U         U
Warbling Vireo                     R
Philadelphia Vireo                 O
Red-eyed Vireo                     U         U
Blue-winged Warbler                O
Golden-winged Warbler              R
Tennessee Warbler                  O         O
Orange-crowned Warbler                       U    O
Nashville Warbler                  U         U
Northern Parula                    C         C
Yellow Warbler                     C         C
Chestnut-sided Warbler             U         O
Magnolia Warbler                   U         U
Cape May Warbler                   U         U
Black-throated Blue Warbler        R         R
Yellow-rumped Warbler                             C
Black-throated Grey Warbler                  R
Black-throated Green Warbler       U         U
Blackburnian Warbler               O
Yellow-throated Warbler            U         U
Prairie Warbler                                   R
Palm Warbler                       R              R
Bay-breasted Warbler               U
Blackpoll Warbler                  U
Cerulean Warbler                   U
Black-and-white Warbler            U    O    U
American Redstart                  U         U
Prothonotary Warbler               U         U
Worm-eating Warbler                U
Swainson's Warbler                 R         R
Ovenbird                           U         U
Northern Waterthrush               O         O
Louisiana Waterthrush              U         U
Kentucky Warbler                   U
Mourning Warbler                   R
Common Yellowthroat                C    U    C    C
Hooded Warbler                     U
Wilson's Warbler                   U         U    R
Canada Warbler                     U         U
Yellow-breasted Chat               U         U
Summer Tananger                    U         U
Scarlet Tanager                    U
Northern Cardinal                  O         O
Rose-breasted Grosbeak             U         U
Black-headed Grosbeak                             R
Blue Grosbeak                      U         U
Indigo Bunting                     C         C
Painted Bunting                    U    U    O
Dickcissel                         C    U
Rufous-sided Towhee                               U
Chipping Sparrow                             O
Field Sparrow                                     R
Vesper Sparrow                     U         U
Lark Sparrow                       O         O
Savannah Sparrow                   A         A    A
Grasshopper Sparrow                               R
Henslow's Sparrow                                 R
Le Conte's Sparrow                 U              U
Sharp-tailed Sparrow               C    C    C    C
Seaside Sparrow                    A    A    A    A
Song Sparrow                       U         U    O
Lincoln's Sparrow                  U         U    U
Swamp Sparrow                      C         C    C
White-throated Sparrow                       U    U
White-crowned Sparrow                        U
Harris' Sparrow                              R
Dark-eyed Junco                                   O
Bobolink                           R
Red-winged Blackbird               A    A    A    A
Eastern Meadowlark                 A    A    A    A
Western Meadowlark                 O         O    O
Yellow-headed Blackbird            R         R
Rusty Blackbird                                   R
Brewer's Blackbird                                C
Great-tailed Grackle               C    C    C    C
Boat-tailed Grackle                A    A    A    A
Common Grackle                               U    C
Brown-headed Cowbird               C    U    C    C
Orchard Oriole                     C         C
Northern Oriole                    U         U
Purple Finch                                      R
American Goldfinch                                O
House Sparrow                      C    C    C    C