A Seasonal Checklist of the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, Texas

February 13, 1996

This document is derived from the checklist for the refuge published by the USFWS.

Questions or comments to: David Sarkozi. Back to the Bird of the Upper Texas Coast.

Season Codes are: Sp = Spring (March, Aprl, May); S = Summer (June, July, August); F = Fall (September, October, November); W = Winter (December, January, February);

Abundance Code are: R = rare, not expected every year; O = occassional, only one or two reported per season; U = uncommon, present but might not be found on every outing; F = Fairly common, not present in great numbers but should be scene C = common, should be possible to find on most outings; A = abundant, impossible to miss;

Species                           Sp    S    F    W
Common Loon                                       F
Pied-billed Grebe                  C    A    C    C
Horned Gerbe                                      U
Earned Grebe                       C         C    C
Brown Pelican                      U         U    U
American White Pelican             C         C    A
Double-crested Cormorant                     C    C
Neotropic Cormorant                F    F    F    U
Anhinga                            F    F    F    U
American Bittern                   C         C    U
Least Bittern                      C    C    C
Great Blue Heron                   C    C    C    C
Great Egret                        C    C    C    C
Snowy Egret                        C    C    C    C
Little Blue Heron                  F    F    F    F
Tricolored Heron                   C    C    C    C
Reddish Egret                           U
Cattle Egret                       A    A    A    U
Green-backed Heron                 C    C    F    O
Black-crowned Night-Heron          C    C    C    F
Yellow-crowned NIght-Heron         C    C    C    U
White Ibis                         C    C    C    F
White-faced Ibis                   C    C    A    C
Roseate Spoonbill                  C    C    C    F
Wood Stork                              C    C
Fulvous Whistling-Duck             U    O    C    F
Greater White-fronted Goose        U         A    A
Snow Goose                         F         A    A
Ross' Goose                        O         O    O
Canada Goose                       U         C    A
Wood Duck                                    F    F
Green-winged Teal                  C         A    A
American Black Duck                          O    O
Mottled Duck                       C    C    A    C
Mallard                            C         A    A
Northern Pintail                   C         A    A
Blue-winged Teal                   A    O    A    U
Cinnamon Teal                                     F
Northern Shoveler                  A         A    A
Gadwall                            C         A    A
American Wigeon                    C         C    U
Canvasback                         F         F    C
Redhead                            U         U    U
Ring-necked Duck                   F         F    F
Greater Scaup                                     O
Lesser Scaup                       C         C    C
Common Goldeneye                                  U
Bufflehead                         U              U
Hooded Merganser                             O    O
Red-breasted Merganser             A              F
Ruddy Duck                         C    O    C    F
Masked Duck                             O    O
Black Vulture                      C    F    F    F
Turkey Vulture                     C    C    C    C
Osprey                             U         U
Black-shouldered Kite                        F    C
Mississippi Kite                   U         U
Bald Eagle                                   U    U
Northern Harrier                   C    O    C    C
Sharp-shinned Hawk                 U         U
Cooper's Hawk                      U         U
Red-shouldered Hawk                U    U    U    U
Broad-winged Hawk                  F         F
Swainson's Hawk                    F         F
Red-tailed Hawk                              C    C
Rough-legged Hawk                            O    O
Golden Eagle                                 O    O
Crested Caracara                                  O
American Kestrel                             C    C
Merlin                             O         O
Peregrine Falcon                   U         U    U
Ring-necked Pheasant               U    U    U    U
Northern Bobwhite                  C    C    C    C
Yellow Rail                        F         F    F
Black Rail                         O         O    O
Clapper Rail                       C    C    C    C
King Rail                          C    C    C    C
Virginia Rail                      F         F    F
Sora                               F         F    F
Purple Gallinule                   C    C    F
Common Moorhen                     C    A    C    C
American Coot                      A    U    A    A
Sandhill Crane                                    U
Black-bellied Plover               C         C    F
Lesser Golden-Plover               A         O
Snowy Plover                            O
Semipalmated Plover                F         F
Piping Plover                           U    U
Killdeer                           C    C    A    A
Black-necked Stilt                 C    C    C
American Avocet                    F         C    F
Greater Yellowlegs                 A         A    C
Lesser Yellowlegs                  A         A    C
Solitary Sandpiper                 F         F
Willet                             C    C    C    C
Spotted Sandpiper                  C         C    F
Upland Sandpiper                   C         C
Whimbrel                           F         O
Long-billed Curlew                 C         C    C
Hudsonian Godwit                   U
Marbled Godwit                     C         C    F
Ruddy Turnstone                    U         U    U
Red Knot                           U         U
Sanderling                         F    U    F    F
Semipalmated Sandpiper             A         A    C
Western Sandpiper                  A         A    C
Least Sandpiper                    C         C    F
White-rumped Sandpiper             F
Baird's Sandpiper                  F         F
Pectoral Sandpiper                 A         A
Dunlin                             A         A    C
Stilt Sandpiper                    A         A
Buff-breasted Sandpiper            U         U
Short-billed Dowitcher             F         F    F
Long-billed Dowitcher              A         A    C
Common Snipe                       C         C    C
Wilson's Phalarope                 C         C
Laughing Gull                      A    A    A    C
Franklin's Gull                              U
Ring-billed Gull                   C         C    C
Herring Gull                       C         F    C
Gull-billed Tern                   C    C    C    U
Caspian Tern                       F    F    F    F
Royal Tern                         F    F    F    F
Sandwich Tern                           U
Common Tern                        U         U    O
Forster's Tern                     C    C    C    C
Least Tern                         C    C
Black Tern                         A         A
Black Skimmer                      F    F    F    O
Rock Dove                                    O
White-winged Dove                  O         O
Morning Dove                       C    C    C    C
Common Ground-Dove                           O
Black-billed Cuckoo                U
Yellow-billed Cuckoo               C    F
Barn Owl                           F    F    F    F
Great Horned Owl                   U    U    U    U
Burrowing Owl                                U    U
Short-eared Owl                              F    F
Common Nighthawk                   A    A
Chuck-will's-widow                 C         C
Whip-poor-will                     F         F
Chimney Swift                      O         O
Ruby-throated Hummingbird          F         F
Belted Kingfisher                  C         C    F
Red-bellied Woodpecker             U    U
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker                          U
Northern Flicker                             C    U
Olive-sided Flycatcher             O         F
Eastern Wood-Pewee                 F         F
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher          F         F
Eastern Phoebe                               C    U
Vermillion Flycatcher              U         U
Great Crested Flycatcher           F         F
Western Kingbird                   O         O
Eastern Kingbird                   C    F    C
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher          C    F    C
Horned Lark                        C    F    C    C
Purple Martin                      C    C
Tree Swallow                       A         A
Northern Rough-winged Swallow      F         F
Bank Swallow                       F         F
Cliff Swallow                      F         F
Barn Swallow                       A         A
Blue Jay                                     F
Brown Creeper                                F
House Wren                                   F
Winter Wren                                  O
Sedge Wren                         C         C    C
Marsh Wren                         F    F    F    F
Golden-crowned Kinglet                       U
Ruby-crowned Kinglet               C         F    U
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher              C         C    F
Veery                              U         U
Gray-cheeked Thrush                F         F
Swainson's Thrush                  C         C
Hermit Thrush                      F         U    U
Wood Thrush                        F         F
American Robin                               U    U
Gray Catbird                       C         F
Northern Mockingbird               F    C    F    F
Sage Thrasher                                O
Brown Thrasher                     F         C    F
American Pipit                     F         C    C
Sprague's Pipit                              O    O
Loggerhead Shrike                  C    F    C    C
European Starling                  C    C    C    C
White-eyed Vireo                   F         F
Solitary Vireo                               U
Philadelphia Vireo                 U
Red-eyed Vireo                     F         F
Blue-winged Warbler                U
Tennessee Warbler                  C         C
Orange-crowned Warbler                       F    U
Nashville Warbler                  F         F
Northern Parula                    U
Yellow Warbler                     C         C
Chestnut-sided Warbler             F
Magnolia Warbler                   C         C
Black-throated Blue Warbler        O
Yellow-rumped Warbler              C    F    F    C
Black-throated Green Warbler       C         C
Blackburnian Warbler               U
Yellow-throated Warbler            U
Bay-breasted Warbler               F
Black-and-white Warbler            F         F
American Redstart                  F         F
Prothonotary Warbler               F         F
Worm-eating Warbler                U
Northern Waterthrush               C         C
Louisiana Waterthrush              F         F
Kentucky Warbler                   F
Common Yellowthroat                C    F    C    C
Hooded Warbler                     F
Yellow-breasted Chat               F         F
Summer Tananger                    F         F
Scarlet Tanager                    F
Northern Cardinal                  U         U
Rose-breasted Grosbeak             C
Blue Grosbeak                      C         C
Indigo Bunting                     C         C
Painted Bunting                    F    F
Dickcissel                         A    C
Rufous-sided Towhee                               F
Chipping Sparrow                             U
Vesper Sparrow                     F         F
Lark Sparrow                       U         U
Savannah Sparrow                   A         A    A
Le Conte's Sparrow                 F              F
Sharp-tailed Sparrow               U    O    U    U
Seaside Sparrow                    A    A    A    A
Song Sparrow                       F         F    U
Lincoln's Sparrow                  F         F    F
Swamp Sparrow                      C         C    C
White-throated Sparrow                       F    F
White-crowned Sparrow                        F
Harris' Sparrow                              O
Dark-eyed Junco                                   U
Bobolink                           O
Red-winged Blackbird               A    A    A    A
Eastern Meadowlark                 A    A    A    A
Western Meadowlark                 U         U    U
Yellow-headed Blackbird            O         O
Brewer's Blackbird                                F
Great-tailed Grackle                    O
Boat-tailed Grackle                A    A    A    A
Common Grackle                     C    C    C    C
Brown-headed Cowbird               C    F    C    A
Orchard Oriole                     C    C    F
Northern Oriole                    F         F
American Goldfinch                                U