Wood Stork, Anahuac NWR

Wood Stork

(Mycteria americana)

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Last updated 2/15/96
The Wood Stork is another tropical species that just makes it to the UTC. Its a common summer resident on the coastal plain from July to September. Its prefered habitats are coastal marshes, bays, prairies and lakes.

White with a long heavy bill and black featherless head. The Wings have black primaries and secondaries visable in flight.

In late summer look for large migrating flocks soaring high in the sky. Wood Storks look stiff and clumsy on the ground but are stately and graceful in the air. They are often over the Smith Point Hawk Watch.

Look for Wood Storks in Anahuac NWR, Brazos Bend State Park, Brazoria NWR, and San Bernard NWR

A breeding range map is available form the Breeding Bird Survey
A winter range map is available from the Christmas Bird Count

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